Waste Is Gold


360 degree Management

Our 360° waste management system ensures that all of the waste generated on site is segregated, treated and ultimately recycled, turning garbage into a valuable resource and ensuring a Zero-Waste campus We offer complete residential , commercial and industrial waste management services, from collection to recycling.

Bio Mining

Bio-mining or bio-remediation is the process wherein materials that can be recycled — plastic, rubber, textiles, metals, glass and gas — are extracted from mounds of accumulated waste.

Waste Audit

A waste audit is a process used to calculate the type and amount of waste generated by an organization. Any size organization can perform this type of audit. The data collected from the audit will identify the type of waste produced by the organization and how the organization manages this waste. The audit can also make the organization more effective at reducing waste management costs by educating staff about proper waste disposal and making better use of natural resources. Monitor and gather data to maintain a complete log of waste generation and disposal. This analytics report will help to plan future strategies and to optimize costs.

Environmental Compliance Support

“At Waste Is Gold, we provide comprehensive Environmental Compliance Support services. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond words, and we are dedicated to assisting businesses and organizations in meeting and exceeding environmental regulations and standards. With our expertise and resources, we empower our clients to navigate complex environmental compliance requirements with confidence and efficiency, ensuring a greener and more sustainable future for all.”

Facility Evaluation

Routine reporting for municipal solid waste and hazardous waste management policies and implementation of the culture change initiatives .

Lets leave a greener and cleaner world for the future